Frequantly Asked Questions
These are some of the questions that we get asked the most. If you can not find an answer here feel free to contact us, and we will respond fast.
General Questions

I need a video streaming host. Is that what you do or do you sell software?
Yes, is a streaming video host. We do not sell software.

How many videos do the monthly and yearly service plans allow me to have? provides different service plans that allow for different numbers of videos to be added to an account.

Are there any bandwidth or transfer limitations?
Currently there are no bandwidth or transfer limitations set on either monthly and yearly service plans.

How do I add videos to my webpage?
Once you have uploaded or recorded a video using the system will generate a unique html code for each individual video, which you can simply add to your webpage. (Click here to view demo)

How do I know if my webpage supports html?
90% of websites support html tags. If you are unsure the Webmaster or programmer of your website will be able to assist you.

Can I change the size of the video player?
There are three sizes that the video player can be changed to. All changes can be made from the web control panel. The video player sizes are:  small (160 x 120), standard (240 x 140),  and large (320 x 240)

Will dialup users be able to view my videos. If so, will the videos appear to be slow?
Yes, dial up users will be able to view you videos. Our system uses an algorithm that determines a users connection speed then buffers the video accordingly to preserve playback continuity once the video had started. The time that the video takes to buffer will be slower than high-speed users but the playback will appear to be the same.

Live Webcam recording Questions

How long can I record using your live webcam application?
You may record up to one minute using's live webcam application.

Can I record videos while using a dial up connection?
Yes, you can record using a dial up connection. Our control panel give you the ability to select a recording method, depending on what connection speed you are using. There is no minimum speed required to record videos.

Video Uploading Questions

What video formats can I upload to your system? will convert the following formats: .AVI, .DV, .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG2, .MPEG4, and .WMV

What is the maximum file size that may be uploaded to you system?
The maximum file size that can be uploaded to our system is 50 MB per video. Remember, we do not limit the amount of videos that may be uploaded.