Visual communications are the future of the internet. At our mission is simple. To make it easy and inexpensive for everyone to share their visual message.
The story about why got started was started with the idea of making video the standard on the Internet. For that to happen it had to be easy and inexpensive for people to share their visual message. 

The problem that I saw was that there are so many different formats of video being produced, and that each format requires a different player and sometimes special codecs (a codec is a little translator program that lets the video player software understand how to display the video). The software all had to be downloaded and configured. This meant that if I was trying to look at someone's video and I did not have the correct video program or codec they used to record the video, I had to go and get the program, install it, and then go back to the personís web page. I found that I would not even bother to go back to the person's web page, which probably meant that the same thing was happening to me. What good is my video if nobody is going to see it?

The other major problem that I found was that creating a video for your web page was very time consuming and complicated. You had to buy encoding software, learn how to use it, then learn how to link the video to your website. 

Both of these problems were addressed by creating a simple to use web browser based system, which allows you to record video using only your web cam or upload video in just about any format. Then have it converted to a web ready version that plays back using Macromedia's Flash Plugin, which is already on 98% of computers that access the Internet. The system also provides all the linking information you need to add the video to any website, auction, blog or email easily.

It is my hope that this system helps to standardize the use of video on the Internet as a communication method. Visit our blog at to learn more and follow our progress.
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